Crafty Girl Valentines

10 Jan

Have Extra Fabric in your shop?

You’ve made all the yo yo’s you can, but the small pieces of fabric just accumulate. They are perfectly fine but like me, your addicted and more fabric comes in before it goes out. And lets face it, our customers want to see something new. So what do you do with all the little pieces of fabric? You can hold onto it taking up valuable space in your shop or you can do a yo yo/fabric square listing. I’ve wanted to do a listing like this for some time now. I thought Valentines day was the perfect holiday to do it. If you have a crafty girl in your home or you yourself are a crafty girl, these fabric squares are fantastic. They are also perfect for making cards, scrapbooking, bookmarks, beginner quilting, applique and oh so much more! I used all the left over fabric from my designer collection. All of these fabrics have been used in making my bags. If you use fabric in your Etsy shop, this is a great way of being green and not just throwing away scraps of fabric. I also have some other fabric that is not as big as a square that is available for purchase if you do collages, prints or other type of fabric art. I have a geat you tube video on how to make yo yo’s but I think all the other ideas are pretty self explanatory. My 3 and 7 year olds love using my small pieces of fabric. Fabric is fun to hold and playwith.

Heart Fabric Yo Yo Box
Heart Fabric Yo Yo Box
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