My Design Studio – Itty Bitty Bag Company

16 Aug

My Design Studio, Stay at home Etsy business, Itty Bitty Bag Company

Today I wanted to open my home studio doors for you and share my secret obsession with interior design. It is full of storage ideas and I disclose where I found all these amazing items.

I can take no credit for the glass french doors that are the gateway to my creative space. These have been here since 1926 when the house was built.

Here is my sanctuary. It is my office & creative studio. I spend many hours of the day here and it is a favorite spot for my girls, puppies & husband. It is a very large space for my small business but is centrally located in our house making it easy for this work at home mom.

I tried to make it as cozy & inviting as possible. I want to spend time with my family but between the chores, errands, and kids activities, I have to try to squeeze in minutes here and there throughout my day in order to make this work.

My office before was cramped & was hard to have clients over, it was approximately 7’x7′, it was at the top of the stairs, down the hall from my girls bedrooms, and made working late into the evening quite a challenge. Not to mention awkward to have a clients go upstairs. Now throughout the day I can be in my office & the girls no matter what they are doing, are always close to me.

Here are the four corners of my office.

I selected the color for my office because outside I am surrounded by green. Here is the view from my chair and why it is so peaceful.

Here are a few closeups of the most significant items in my office & the pieces of furniture that really make this a dream studio.

Here are the details:

The Walls – are Behr paint in Fashion Gray Eggshell. You should always grab several paint swatches as the room lighting really changes a color. Also, you want to view the paint chip in both natural light, darkness & with artificial lighting (lamps, ceiling).

The Desk – what a beauty she is. After many weeks of stewing…I found this seven foot table at United House Wrecking Antiques in Stamford, CT. They were so helpful & delivered this very old & very heavy table. It has natural dings so I don’t worry about my scissors or pins scratching it up…and it can be refinished.

The Oversized Chair – is from Pier1 Imports. I love the seersucker stripe fabric & it is quite cozy to sit in. I must confess it is the most expensive dog bed I’ve ever purchased.

The Suede Desk Chair – complete with rivots, scored at Home Goods.

The Curtains – are a gray/blue linen/silk combination and purchased at Target. They let in just enough light but give me privacy in my sea of windows…ah my windows. This room the windows were painted shut until last summer when we replaced them all. They are made of wood & were custom made to fit the old window sashes.

The Cube Storage – The shelves are Ikea & the boxes are Target.

Light Fixture – my husband pride & joy find…every night, sweetie turn on your light please, you’re killing me. This was from Pier 1.

Oversized Storage Woven Baskets and Carpet – are both from Home Goods.

Now that you know where to begin your shopping spree…let’s continue. If you see something I haven’t mentioned, let me know and I’ll try to relay the information to you.

Here are some other angles of my storage in action: close at hand the items I use most, my shipping scale, iron – scissors, more mailing supplies, etsy class supplies, close up of my most used, and my heavy fob materials now easily accessible & better organized for reordering inventory.

And the original antique shelving that is home to my inventory & fabric. This is to the left of my chair, beautiful & ready to inpire creativity.

My inventory on display in case a client wants to pop by and is nice to quickly see what I have available for shows & reminds me of how much  more I need to do to be ready for the holiday season.

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of my studio and hopefully I will get to share some of my other rooms in my home with information on those design projects as well.

xo, Jen

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One Response to “My Design Studio – Itty Bitty Bag Company”

  1. Megan August 16, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

    I live it Jen, what an inspiration as I set up my own Studio space. Suddenly I feel the need for a French door.

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