2012 / 2013 Handmade Journal – Mom planner

5 Aug

I completed my 2012 / 2013 planner & received a custom order for a planner at the same time. My planner from last year worked perfectly. I felt organized & the planner held together. I created my planner because I couldn’t find a planner that worked for me & all the things I have going on in my life. And yes, I sometimes forget to take care of me. So my daily planner reminds me to exercise & to plan ahead for dinner & where am I supposed to be today? Being a mom isn’t easy.

Here is the cover. I used Jennifer Paganelli for SisBoom Fabric. It is bold, bright & retro…just like me.

In between the paper sections that I designed, I like to use brightly colored craft paper because why should my planner be boring? You can see on the left I include pockets for notes or papers that I need to take care of before they end up being logged into my journal. These bright pieces of paper, I like to doodle on, or write funny stories that I will want to remember later on. My girls were reading through last years journal and laughing about toe fuzzies & we couldn’t believe that it was only last year that my puppy Bayley had full back surgery.

I already have a few dates plugged into my calendar. Sorry for the fuzzy image but you’ll have to trust me that they are perfect in everyway. I’ve actually had people try to copy my ideas. The left side top is Monday – Sunday of each week. The top red portion is me then I have sections for exercise, my husbands schedule, my kids & yes even the puppies. They are busy dogs you know! At the bottom is where I can plan out my dinner menu’s ahead of time. Also keep track of what we’ve had for dinner.

The right side of my planner by week is my to do list, my shopping list, planning out date night, my weekly chores & daily chores, notes section & my Etsy shop section. This section can be changed to work, volunteer or whatever your second passion is.

I also include a monthly calendar in case you need to plan things out in advance or you don’t want to write it that far out into your weekly calendar & change it. This allows you to plan but gives you greater flexibility. You’ll see a pen holder on the right & I’ve included tabs as I also include my kids school calendars into my journal. I am happy to work with you to include any papers you need or blank papers for you to add them in later.

You can see, for all the pages & details….it is quite pretty and still pretty slim. I love love my fabric journals. I know you will too.

Thanks for letting me share. Be sure to visit my Etsy shop & customize your Mom journal planner today!


My best, Jen


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