Window Treatments too!

17 Jul

92" Curtains

My dear friend Liz called me to ask who I would recommend to make curtains for her living room. I didn’t have a good recommendation and well, the timing was right so I said, I’ll do it.

She had found the perfect linen fabric & had started cutting it and placing it over the rod to see how it would look. She thought perhaps she had watched too much HGTV but then quickly realized how long it was going to take to sew them and asked for help. It was such a nice look with it just so delicately draped over but obviously she needed finished edges & the ability to close the curtains.

We talked about several ways that they could be finished and if you purchase curtains/drapes from a store they will be stitched by a machine. This doesn’t give the same drape feel that she had created. Imagine that each stitch is rigid & fixed in its place. Machine stitching decreases the cost & makes them more durable and easier to clean but no longer has a waterfall feel to it. We made the decision that they must be hand sewn and that it was a designer way to do it. This also means that they must be hand washed but I think linen prefers a handwash anyway as long as it has a good old fashion breeze to dry them out too!

I started sewing them when I returned from Nashville. I sat down to do it and my OCD set in and I called my mom. Is there a hand-stitch that doesn’t show on the front side? She said no but I can limit the amount of stitching shown. That was what I thought. So I did a very loose slip stitch. My actual stitch that is showing on the front is about 1mm wide and 1″ apart. To prevent loose thread from being caught in something or worse the hem falling out, I also stitched every 1/2 inch on the hem to secure the hem. The top hem was 5.5″ wide and the bottom was 4″ wide. The drapes are 92″ from floor to ceiling. Each drape was a 2 hour long project x 8 panels. Well my hands were very tired when I finished.

What an amazing home decor project to add to my ever increasing portfolio of projects. I think they came out really nice. Liz is happy and so I am very happy.

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4 Responses to “Window Treatments too!”

  1. Jacquie | After Words July 17, 2012 at 3:53 pm #


  2. Chicky Chickita August 21, 2012 at 10:08 am #

    normally I am not too keen on green …but I like this :)

    • ittybittybag August 21, 2012 at 10:25 am #

      Thanks! It is all about the complete style of a room & how you work it. :)

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