More than Handbags…Interior Design too…

5 Apr

Once upon a time there was a very plain breakfast nook that was functional but not very cozy to sit upon. The walls & lighting are very bright & cheerful. There was a blue green vase in the corner holding silk hydrangea’s. When you sit in the nook you have a pleasant view of the dining room which happens to be the same shade of blue green as the vase. The paint is called green tea. I love bringing an element from one room and cross pollinating it into another. It really helps the flow of a home, that way the rooms don’t function as a separate but as a whole.

When I saw this fabric…I knew instantly this was the look I was going for. I went out and purchased some foam & batting. Measured, cut and stitched…that easy. Whats more is it fits perfectly. It is a Waverly Sun & Shade…so it should repel some dirt & food.

Cushion one complete…then cushion two and three. I like the look of just the white back but thought it needed something more.

So I made a few throw pillows. I used bolster pillows for the longer sections and made a small square pillow for the corner seat.

This is the full look…with the spiced pumpkin pie wall paint. I love this room and since I spend so much time cooking & cleaning this room it should be a place that feels very peaceful & inspiring.

Next up is to craft a burlap table cloth, as the top of this table has seen better days. We’ve had nail polish remover spill on it, craft projects, homework, markers…the joys of a working kitchen table. It tells quite a story.

xoxo, Jen

Dinner this evening…I made spaghetti with red sauce…not sure what I was thinking….1/2 hour into dinner service and small drop of red sauce on the cover. I had thought about slip covers but it wouldn’t have been the tight fitted look I was going for…oh well…homes were made to be lived in…not sterile. Once they get really dirty it will be an opportunity to do it again.

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