Packaging & Shipping Tips for Etsy Sellers

20 Oct

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to share another Etsy/Non-Etsy packaging and business tip.

Nashville Wraps is a great place to purchase 100% recyclable brown bags made from 100% recycled paper, have some stickers made with your company logo, a little bit of tissue paper and you have beautiful packaging. Nashville wraps offers a variety of sizes and packing to choose from. I found I can purchase brown bags for as little as $0.20.

Unfortunately, I can only brown bag my local orders. So for orders that I mail. I wrap in tissue paper, tie with hemp string, and use an Itty Bitty Bag Tag. I use priority mail boxes to ship my items because when you factor in the cost of the box and shipping it would still be around $5.

For my accessories, I wrap them in cello bags, include a product card, a business card and use craft paper to finish off the top. Keeps the items you are shipping dry and is very simply, delightful to receive.

Remember it is not just how wonderful your item is but the presentation leaves a lasting impression.

The other perk of buying one of my items locally is that we can arrange for you to pick up your item, meet somewhere or if you live close by, I will deliver and you don’t pay shipping charges. If you’ve already gone through the checkout process, not a problem, you will see a credit in your paypal account for the shipping fees.

Thanks for buying local and handmade!! It does so much for our local economy through the taxes our state receives.

My best, Jen

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One Response to “Packaging & Shipping Tips for Etsy Sellers”

  1. ittybittybag October 21, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    Forgot to say, cello bags are available at Michaels and craft paper too!

    Stickers you can buy through Vistaprint, sometimes they are free.

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