New Website on Squarespace

3 Jun

I am so excited to bring to you the new and improved Itty Bitty Bag dot com.

I am so very thankful to my husband for creating my first website but as the technology was changing, my business was growing and changing, I needed updates faster than he could make them. I needed to be able to have full control of my website and able to make edits or updates whenever necessary.

The world of selling handmade is also changing. You might ask why two websites. If you’ve ever attended one of my classes then you should know that you should always have your own dot com. What if Etsy vanished tomorrow…what would become of your business? How quickly could you respond?

For me, my business is a divided between to specific areas: Custom Made & Ready to Ship. I’ve found that the newer visitors to are not the same as the first visitors. In the beginning I received many convo’s asking me to do custom work and now the visitors seem to think that what they see is what they will get despite the text below the images saying that the items can be customized.

I’ve launched my new site with the hopes of making the custom order process easier and my website is now mobile friendly.


Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.18.46 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.19.13 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.19.39 AM

Thanks so much for all of your continued support. If you have any suggestions, changes or items you think I left out of my site that customers would want to know, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.

Notes: If you are seeing the old site, then clear your browser history & that should refresh what you are seeing.

xo, Jen

Quest for 1000 Sales!

25 Oct

2013 has been a rough year for sales for me.  Last quarter, I had a total of 5 sales. I had more than that in my first week on Etsy.

I need your help more than ever. I am on a quest for 1000 sales. I know it doesn’t seem like far to go but if I continue at the rate I had last quarter then I may not make it this year.

I’d like to blame my health but honestly every Etsy seller I know that is a true handmade artist is struggling.

While we are struggling….Etsy is reporting record profits. Something isn’t right here. I am continuing to make items and we’ve all been doing some wholesale work on the side to try cover business expenses.

How can you help?

If all of my followers were to buy just one item in my shop as a gift for someone this year would be amazing!! I know many of you have done this especially with my keyfobs. It makes it hard to give out the same gifts each year. No worries. I am going to be offering something new very soon.

I have many items in different price ranges. And I am offering Free Worldwide Shipping through the holidays. So if you forget something…that is ok. You can come back and buy as often as you need without worry of paying more shipping charges.

I often have seasonal promotions that you can share with one person that might appreciate a good recommendation. One friend took office orders on my keyfobs and I am eternally grateful for this.

I make my items to last and so I don’t expect repeat business but telling one person about me is better than me spending $1000 in marketing. Another friend had tweeted about how much she loved her baskets, which resulted in three more sales in my shop. That simple.

I appreciate all of your support. So even if you don’t find that you can do one of these…you should know that I am still so thankful for all that I have and for our friendship. Thank you all so much for getting me to this point.

Let’s bring it home!! 1000 sales.

Here is a quick link to my shop.

xo, Jen

August 2013 Lookbook Magazine

28 Aug
August 2013 Itty Bitty Bag Lookbook

August 2013 Itty Bitty Bag Lookbook

The first part of the summer I was focused on the Saks Order. It took quite a few weeks and was thankful for Liz’s help. The latter part of the summer was focused on creating my first magazine lookbook. I felt it was important to have a product line-up piece and tell a little bit about my company. I am hoping this helps you share my story. Word of mouth is really the best way for me to gain new clients. I hope you’ll continue to share why you love my company with your friends.

Clicking on the image should bring you right to my lookbook. If not here is the Link. The format looks a bit strange at first because it is as if I were going to print. I’ll try to find other ways to prepare my magazine in the future. Issuu is a wonderful place to share a magazine. I am also working from a Mac these days, so I am just learning about its capabilities for publishing.

Note: I apologize for the link not working yesterday. When I post to wordpress it automatically sends out an email alert, posts to facebook & twitter. Well I spent a better part of a day trying to figure out why I couldn’t get html code into wordpress. While one site said it is allowed, says that the code I was using is not allowed for security reasons. So we’ll just have to post the old fashion way.

Thanks so much for all your support and for sharing my magazine!

My best, Jen

And we are live at Saks!

29 Jul

Most of June was spent on the Saks order.

There was so much to do and I was so thankful for Liz’s help. I really couldn’t have finished it without her and certainly not with all the hair staying on my head.

If you have time take a trip over to Oliver & Adelaide, here is what you might find.

O and A gift set on website

And while you are at it, we are live on Saks 5th Avenue’s website.

Saks gift set on website


All of this was about a month in the making. So much work & time went into this project and I am so so excited to share it with you.

Here is to many many more accomplishments.


Oliver & Adelaide

18 Apr

I may have mentioned that it is good to have a 5-year plan. I’ve been working on mine for 4-years now. I have been positioning myself for growth at the point in time when my youngest starts kindergarten. It has been important to me all along that this be a dual role for me until then. I am not saying that my company has been a hobby, I’ve just worked extra long and hard at both jobs.

This winter I was at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. Although the show was not a success for me for a number of reasons, I did leave with one very good connection, Gary from Oliver & Adelaide.

Take a look at Oliver & Adelaides new website. At the home page you’ll see a link to Handcrafted in America.

Home Page Link

Click on the Video to hear all about why I am so passionate about partnering with Oliver & Adelaide. Then click on the link at the bottom.


There you will find a series of great American stories just like mine.


I’ve been working with Oliver & Adelaide on a number of little projects. It has been exciting to say the least. I love working directly with other creatives. It is fun and gives me the opportunity to continue to grow at a reasonable pace.

I am looking forward to sharing with you the next project we are working on, it is so exciting!!

xoxo, Jen

Je t’ adore Embroidered Hoop Art – Featured on Elite 16

10 Jan

My Je t’adore grey wool hoop was featured in this amazing gift guide. Go take a look!!

Je t' adore

Je t’ adore


Elite 16 Valentines Day Etsy Gift Guide

These hoops are a part of a series that I am calling pretty little french words. You can view the rest of my hoops on my website.

Pretty Little French Words

2012 Year in Review

31 Dec

It is quite therapeutic to reflect on the past year. It is not so much about looking back as it is preparing yourself for the next step. Learning not just from mistakes but also by your choices. This past year had several thrilling moments & just as many set backs.

My health through the past year was probably my biggest obstacle and much of which still remains unknown. I shared some of these items through social media and yet other parts I’ve kept totally private. Family, Friends & even the world around me have had just as many. The only part that helped me get through this year was a huge effort on my part in trying to keep it all balanced.

I know in past years I’ve created so much more but this year I spent more quality time with my family in the way of vacations, being present when the kids get home not just trying to squeeze in one more work project & even spending an evening or two relaxing on the couch with my husband.

Here are my Top Five Best Moments, Mistakes and Favorite Pictures:

Top Five Best Moments

5.  Teaching: 4 Etsy Classes (101 & Beyond Basics) and two children hand sewing classes

4.  Featured on & a Guest panel speaker “When a mom starts a business”

3.  Becoming a Certified Etsy Educator

2.  Martha Stewart All Etsy Show

1.  Woman’s Day Magazines 75th Anniversary

Top Five Mistakes

5.  Making items was not first on my list. Bogged down in other business chores.

4.  Not keeping up with my Newsletter.

3.  Making items that will not yield a profit.

2.  Etsy changing their search engine optimization & it taking me months to figure out the changes.

1.  Losing my syndication on Etsy, thereby losing 2 months of Etsy Sales. The entire January & February did not exist.

Top Pictures of 2012


The Not So Itty Bitty Mom Bag


Hand Painted Mustache Bags


Renegade Craft Fair – Brooklyn New York

Oliver & Adelaide

Oliver & Adelaide Gifting to Yahoo CEO

Woman's Day

Woman’s Day Magazine 75th Anniversary


Best Seller – Monogrammed makeup bags

Cross Stitch - Letter A

Teaching Hand Sewing – Cross Stitch – other embroidery projects added to my website.

Singer Collage

Finding this Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

Itty Bitty Bag Studio

Redecorating a room in our house to make a new larger Studio.

92" Curtains

Custom Project for a Darien Designer – 8 Linen Drapes / Curtains

Martha thanking us for coming to the show. We weren't allowed to photograph during the taping, no video & no cell phones.

Martha thanking us for coming to the show. We weren’t allowed to photograph during the taping, no video & no cell phones.


Creating custom upholstery for my breakfast nook.


Hand Sewing Class – Darien Girl Scouts

This captures the essence of our trip. The water was so amazing. I could sit for hours and just watch the waves. It wasn't hot either...quite breezy on the gulf. My girls loved the warm water.

This captures the essence of our trip. The water was so amazing. I could sit for hours and just watch the waves. It wasn’t hot either…quite breezy on the gulf. My girls loved the warm water.


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